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the bail bond process in city of industry.

bail bonds city of industry ca

Sunrise Bail Bonds City of Industry is specialized and dedicated to help our customers   through the city of Industry jail release process with the best possible services and results. We have a history record full of satisfied clients helped by our expertise personnel.


Usually, when someone is arrested in the City of Industry is taken to the City of Industry Sheriffs Department at 150 Hudson Ave, City of Industry, CA 91744 and there starts the booking process where the defendant will be filed to the Los Angeles County Sheriff System in case any other arrest in the future. After that, they confiscate and safe keep all the personal belongings until the end of the booking process following by the personal information gathering of the defendant. When it is finished, they are going to take record pictures and fingerprints. For the fingerprints they are going to use a machine called Live Scan that is directly connected through the Department of Justice to all the criminal bases in the country and that way can be proved if the arrested person has any other warrants or if is wanted by any other law agency . The time period needed for  the fingerprints results is around 45 minutes to several hours, at which time is going to be determined if the defendant is cleared for jail release from the City of Industry Jail.

From the moment you will contact us, you will be signed with one of our associates as your personal Bond Agent who is going to ask you all the primary information about the arrestee ,his name, date of birth ,and your connection to him/her. Then the Agent will make a call to the City of Industry Jailer’s office for the more detailed specifics regarding the defendant’s arrest and jail release information such as the bail amount and whether or not the inmate is cleared for bail.

The next step is, your personal Bond Agent to communicate with you and explain the Bail Bonds Process to you and close an appointment to meet with him/her so you can sign up any necessary documents needed to be turned to the Jailer’s office to be confirmed that the paperwork is filed properly to begin the completion of the jail release process which usually takes around 45 minutes to finalize depending how busy the Jailer’s office is at the time.

What makes us different!
city of industry bail bonds

Through the years and thousands of cases, our highly trained personnel earned a huge amount of experience necessary to guide you through the City of Industry Jail release process. Be sure that our agents can handle every situation that may occur standard or not.


Our goal is the defendant to be released as soon as possible from the jail and we are extremely capable in doing so.

We respect the fact that you are dealing with huge difficulties and that the whole situation may be overwhelming for you especially if it’s the first time that you deal with that process. We sympathize with the fact of how confusing it may be for you to understand what exactly you have to do and how to do it.


For that reason, your personal bond agent makes sure that you have all the needed support and information. He/she will explain to you everything detailed and will make sure that you understand 100% what is needed to finalize the process and take out of jail your beloved one.

bail bonds in city of industry ca

To avoid bad communication and get lost to the translation, we assign to you your own Personal Agent to guide you through the whole process of your case.


It is very important our agent to be informed about everything from the beginning to the end so he can help you better and to show you that we care for your personal situation.


The personal connection between you and our agent is the key to our success.


Our agents develop a personal connection with you that makes you even to those terrible times for you, to feel comfortable and not alone and abandoned.

Yes we know, probably every other bail bond agency is promising the same,  however that is what makes us different, we make our word reality and we can back it up with the thousands of satisfied customers we have.


To make sure you have all the help needed whenever is needed, our agents are available to you 24/7.


You are welcome to ask any questions you may have or even express any concerns you may have too.

We know that the world economy is bad and that we all live in difficult times and that it may be verry difficult for you to find the money to pay the full 10% required to complete the Industry Jail Release process.
For that reason we offer a payment plan or financing options to help you with.

We have local agents installed in the neighboring cities such as:
Covina, West Covina and Baldwin Park in the North

El Monte in the Northwest

Pico Rivera in the West

Whittier in the Southwest

Hacienda Heights in the South

La Puente and South San Jose Hills in the East (Most of East Los Angeles County)

city of industry bail bonds ca

How Bail Bonds Work in City of Industry

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