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Drug Possession.

drug possession

Anyone could be arrested for drug possession, whether they are under the influence or they are completely sober. It could just be a case of being at the wrong place at the wrong time which resulted in someone being arrested. All the officer has to do is be able to associate you with controlling substances under many different charges and penal codes. Here is a complete list of different reasons why a person will be arrested due to association with drugs or drug paraphernalia:


Possession of drugs for personal use: This means that someone was caught with illegal drugs on their person, but just enough for them to use and not sell. The charge for this will vary based on the type of drug in question.


Possession of drug paraphernalia: This means the person was arrested for having objects such as pipes, syringes, scales, or specific containers used for illegal dugs.


Possession of drugs for purpose of sales: This is when someone has a large amount of illegal drugs, which is usually to sell to other people.


Possession of drugs for purpose of transporting: This is usually when someone is searched and an officer finds illegal drugs hidden in a vehicle or vessel.


Possession of prescription drugs without prescription: This is when an officer finds prescription drugs on someone when they can’t find the actual prescription saying that the purpose needs it. This usually means the person obtained the drugs illegally.


Possession of someone else’s prescription drugs: This is when the name on the prescription drugs does not match the person in possession of them.


Selling drugs to other while being watched by authorities: This usually occurs during sting operations to locate a drug dealer.


Possession of equipment used to manufacture a control substance: This is when someone has objects specific to manufacturing an illegal substance. It’ll usually be a set of equipment and not just one individual part of the whole set needed to manufacture controlled substances.


Growing marijuana without a license for purpose of resale: This is when officers find marijuana plants hidden in someone’s bushes or in someone’s house who does not have the correct license to grow marijuana.


All of these different charges will have different bail amounts and punishments based on the degree of the offense as well as the type of drug found along with the offense. Also the bail will increase if the person has any prior arrests for drugs. Also people who get arrested for possession of drugs for personal use could get away with just being charged a fine and having to take some classes. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions or concerns regarding Drug Possession charges and how to bail them out.

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