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Teens accused of stealing Medieval Armor

At a mansion party in the city of industry, a group of teens decided to walk away with some medieval armor and a stuffed snow leopard. Industry police arrested 16 teens in connection with the thefts of many items from the mansion. Officials believe that there were more than 100 people attending the mansion party which was fully furnished. The damage and all of the items stolen after the party added up to at least $1 million. The teens that attended the party were charged a fee to enter the party and it turned into a looting frenzy after a window to the interior of the mansion broke. The partiers saw this as an opportunity to grab everything and anything in their site and leave the party in a hurry. Police say that it was one of the worst mass looting frenzy he has seen at a teen party. The teens that were arrested are awaiting trial, but most of them just got fined and were released to their parents the same night.

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