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Industry Warehouse seized for Marijuana

Police arrested two men and seized 950 marijuana plants from a City of Industry warehouse earlier this week on Wednesday. Police told reporters that this was the third large indoor marijuana grow uprooted in the area in the past two months. Investigators had this warehouse brought to their attention through an anonymous tip. After officials received the tip, they immediately served a search warrant at the warehouse and confiscated over three million dollars’ worth of marijuana. Two men were arrested for illegally growing marijuana and they told investigators that this was just one big mistake. The suspects were identified as David Nguyen, 32, and Phuong Nguyen, 54, and these two are not related according to the police in charge of the investigation. Both posted $50,000 bail and were released from custody Thursday pending their court appearances. Every year, there have been more and more seizures of large warehouses for the illegal distribution of Marijuana and police are emphasizing the seriousness of this epidemic.

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