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Gang Fight in City of Industry

Late Saturday night at a local bar in the city of Industry a group of gang members got into an altercation with a rival gang. Witnesses at the bar said that one member from each of the gangs began arguing as they were drinking and one thing led to another. The arguing escalated to shoving and then both gangs began a brawl. There was significant damage done to the bar and the owner is pressing charges on the two men that started the brawl. One of the bar’s regular customers called the police as soon as the fighting began and went in the back with the bartender. Once the police arrived at the bay, they detained everyone that was involved in the fight. It is unclear why the fighting started but witnesses said that the two men were arguing about gang turf. Everyone that was involved in the fighting were charged with assault and battery and were hauled off to jail. Blog by Bail Bonds City of Industry.

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